Kindred News

Missive to all Primogen
Another missive will be sent to all of the Primogen, much like all the others. Sealed and so forth.

Unto (insert proper title and name here),

Katerynka Sat-25-Nov

Missive to the Unrepresented
Well Primogen Cardona, congratulations on your new station.

Since I am but a probationary member, and the only member of my clan locally, it would seem that you are...
whethergal Mon-6-Nov

Missive to the Primogen, Harpy and Seneschal
A fancy missive is brought to Xiomara from a Tremere ghoul.. Upon opening it, it would seem to be not so legible, but after her eyes look at it for...
Death Tue-17-Oct

OOC: Things you should know about a Kindred salon
Jose Mon-16-Oct

Message to the Kindred of New Orleans
IC Notice Left Within the Elysium and Kindred Haven of the Caern

To the Kindred of New Orleans:

Our formal Court date is rapidly approaching, as such I...
Talvienne Mon-2-Oct