Player:  Kt
   Meta Type:  Vampire
   Clan:  Gabgrel
   Title: Probationary Sect Member
   Age (Apparent):  18 (ish)
   Height:  5' 0" (...maybe)
   Weight:  I wouldn't ask if I were you
   Hair:  Black
   Eyes:  Hidden behind rose coloured glasses
   Nationality:  Norwegian (ish)
   Skills:  Loremaster, Adventurer, Survivalist


[tag line]


Status: Recognized 
Occupation: Wandering Lorekeeper 
Defining Characteristics: Purebreed 2: Get of Fenris



The Gangrel have shown time and time again that they are a clan of savages with no honor. For now, this one seems a savage who may yet convince me she has honour. I suppose we will see." - Ujio Tanaka, Toreador, Prince of New Orleans