Player:  Shan
   Meta Type:  Vampire
   Sire:  Ujio Tanaka
   Clan:  Toreador
   Age (Apparent):  Early 20s
   Height:  5' 10"
   Weight:  175 lbs
   Hair:  Dark Brown
   Eyes:  Grey
   Nationality:  American 
   Skills:  Conman, Thief, Marksman


"I serve Prince Tanaka Ujio of New Orleans. Question my honour, and you question his."


Status: Under Accounting 
Occupation: Public Relations Specialist 
Defining Characteristics: Fear of Canines, Extraordinary Social Confidence


The well dressed ex-ghoul is fairly well known around the Speakeasy and Ahadi members. Some of his closest friends will say he’s got a stick up his ass, but that’s usually because they know for a fact he knows how to let loose have fun. Even so, he makes friends easily and his confidence draws people to him. For one reason or another, he tends to know all the important stuff going on in the city, and who to speak with to find out more.

Now that he serves Prince Ujio Tanaka of the Kindred, his public image is more calm, controlled, and respectful. While he may show deference to kindred and those of higher station, make no mistake; he is very much aware of how much he can push the boundaries and manipulate the situation to his advantage.


“Oh he’d be great, if he’d just have surgery to remove the stick…” - Peyton Johnston, Mortal Second

“Talyn? Yeah, I know him. He is amazing and the kindest person I have ever met. You’d love him!” - Raven Black, Corax, Shifter Second.

"Ahhh Talyn... He has excellent taste in whiskey, women, and ties." - Baroness Kiara Voss, Mortal Leader