Player:  Death
   Meta Type:  Vampire
   Clan:  Tremere
   Title:  Seneschal, Primogen
   Age (Apparent):  Mid 20s
   Height:  6' 1"
   Weight:  180 lbs
   Hair:  Silver/White
   Eyes:  Sky Blue
   Nationality:  Italian
   Skills:  Thaumaturgy, surgery and medicine, investigation, negotiations.


If it can be healed, heal it. If it cannot, kill it.


Status: Acknowledged, Revered (Primogen), Cherished (Seneshal), Esteemed (Seneshal), Admired, Honourable
Occupation: Clinic Doctor 
Defining Characteristics: White hair and grey eyes that hint to his family lineage. (Hermetic Mage Family Line)


Cassian is outgoing and amiable, though he can be a bit quirky as well. He enjoys making others laugh but he also knows when to be quite serious, even if others can't always tell when he is or not until it might be too late. He cares about the world and the state it is in, probably at times more than a Tremere really should. Cassian runs a clinic and holds medical supplies and such for the paranormal, mostly vampires and ghouls, that fronts for the poor or unfortunate.