Player:  Sapphire
   Meta Type:  Ghoul
   Domitor:  Silas
   Clan:  Nosferatu
   Age (Apparent):  Late 30s
   Height:  5' 6"
   Weight:  140 lbs
   Hair:  Dark Brown
   Eyes:  Green
   Nationality:  Welsh
   Skills:  Linguist, Archivist, Scholar, Occult Expert


Oh... oh Bright Lady... That is fascinating, but terribly horrifying. Could you, huh, just stand a bit farther back with that? I'd prefer to continue breathing so that I might look at it a bit more properly when you are less... ah... murderous.


Occupation: Archeologist/Anthropologist for New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum
Defining Characteristics: Polite, unassuming, awkward, fascination with anciet languages and texts, curious, and a bookworm


Jacob is a self described bookworm, having an almost insatiable appetite for learning anything about the occult. He moved to New Orleans specifically because of his interest in the Voodoo history and culture after he accepted a position at the NOHVM.

Soft-spoken and introverted, Jacob prefers to spend his time among his books and artifacts quietly expanding his knowledge. That isn't to say that he does not spend any time outdoors though, he is certainly up for having a polite cup of tea with a friend and going for a thoughtful walk when his mind is occupied or stuck on something else. Fresh air is always a good change of pace and there is no sense beating your head against a desk when there is a mystery to be solved. A change of scenery can often do a fellow good.

While he wouldn't call himself a criminal, or admit to consorting with the criminal element, he has been known to associate with black market dealers in the interest of acquiring an interesting piece for the collection or his own interests. He doesn't particularly like that he has to do so, but preserving knowledge comes first and sometimes ones own morals need to be sacrificed in the greater scheme of things.


"Equal measures zest for life and love of learning, mixed with stiff British etiquette and a kind heart - Jacob is a man that anyone should feel honored to count as a friend." - Silas, Nosferatu Primogen

"Sets a mean table for tea, disgustingly delightful man." - Baroness Kiara Voss, Mortal Leader