Player:  Shan
   Meta Type:  Bastet
   Tribe:  Balam
   Title:  Wyrmfoe
   Age (Apparent):  Early 20s
   Height:  5' 4"
   Weight:  160 lbs
   Hair:  Black
   Eyes:  Warm Brown (Amber in strong light)
   Nationality:  Venezuelan
   Skills:  Ambush Hunter, Survivalist


"Garri is Garri."


Rank: Tilau
Occupation: Guardian of the Speakeasy 
Defining Characteristics: Graceful, Grooming Compulsion, Odd Manner of Speaking, Mishearing Things, ESL, No Scent


Kegarri's manner of speaking, strange way of viewing the world, and annoying habit of mishearing things tends to throw many off. But he his quick to smile, if you can get past the show of teeth, and often boisteriously in a good mood. Though just as quick to anger, he takes his job as Speakeasy Guardian seriously and shows his displeasure verbally. That is until someone or something he has sworn to protect is threatened. Little is more fierce than this balam in guardien mode.

You might get the sense by the way Kegarri speaks that he's in the country illegally. He seems to place little value on money, and great value on using one's strengths to trade with someone who can make up for your weakness. Unusually, he places high value on names and improvised titles and inversely distrusts blanket titles such as "sir" or "mister" as well as uniforms such as "the business suit". Garri claims these are a device of Asura, destroying the sense of self and individuality. 


"A sharp mind hindered by language is not something to dismiss. Do not be so hasty to discount the ones who say little and watch silently. They often hold more skill and intelligence than the ones that run their tongues." - Jacob Haines, gifted mortal.

"I don't understand why you're confused, he makes perfect sense to me. Here Garri, never mind them, have another cookie." - Makayla

"Kegarri is as honorable as he is incomprehensible. While it can take a sharp mind to decipher his communication skills, I consider him a true brother in arms. When our enemies are knocking at our gates, I know that Kegarri's claws and fury will be alongside my own, with no hesitation." - Gabriel Sidorov - Ronin Silver Fang