Player:  Sapphire
   Meta Type:  Bastet
   Tribe:  Qualmi
   Title:  none
   Age (Apparent):  Mid 20s
   Height:  6' 2"
   Weight:  180 lbs
   Hair:  Dirty Blonde
   Eyes:  Blue
   Nationality:  Danish American
   Skills:  Master Martial Aritst, First Aid, Good Listener


Just because I don't like to fight, doesn't mean I won't protect what it is I care about. Huh, what do I care about? Well, everyone here. So be careful if you decide to start something. I'll make sure I finish it for you.


Rank: Tekhmet 
Occupation: Paramedic 
Defining Characteristics: Strict Carnivore, Healer's Heart, Good Natured, Kind


Ryker is often seen wearing his paramedics uniform around the speakeasy, he enjoys stopping by to talk to people following his shifts. The speakeasy is a great place for him to unwind and have some fun. Quite often he can be seen in the company of the Mage Leader Isabelle or with his girlfriend Kaelyn.

He moves with the inherent grace of a fighter that belies his seemingly passive nature. If one were to ask around they might even hear rumors of him sending a gangrel into torpor and fighting the princes ghoul, but surely those are just rumors. That kind and easy smile from the cheerful man couldn't be hiding anything nefarious. Especially where Ryker believes that with a strong work ethic and warm heart you can get through just about everything in life and turn out ok.

He believes in his community and that it takes more than a house or an apartment to make a home. neighbors, family, friends, and even strangers are people to be treated with respect and helped, where possible. That said, he isn't one to go looking for trouble, though he will defend anyone he finds in trouble... and helping can have a number of definitions. Ideally, guiding someone so that they can help themselves is always best.

Of all things, Ryker is patient. He is patient with his teaching, his lessons, and his life. Nothing worth having has ever come easy and he is willing to work to reach his goals. That said, he will help others to reach their goals as well, but only if they are willing to put the work in themselves.


"Don't leave any glasses of water unattended and it'll be fine. If he still won't behave let me know, I have a squirt bottle." - Kaelyn