Raven Black      
   Player:  Sapphire
   Meta Type:  Corax
   Title:  none
   Age (Apparent):  Early 20s
   Height:  4' 8"
   Weight:  70 lbs
   Hair:  Jet Black
   Eyes:  Black
   Nationality:  American Euro-mutt
   Skills:  Information Specialist, Finding People, Messenger


Didn't anyone tell you not to feed the birds? Well, I am a good one to feed. You want me around if you want to know things. Who am I, I'm Raven Black, Volucris of the Corax, Faction Second of the Shifters, Honourable ally and kin to the Nosferatu of New Orleans, trusted ally to the Mage Faction, and friend to the Mortals and Fae. Not bad for a bird with one wing.


Rank: Volucris 
Occupation: Newspaper Delivery
Defining Characteristics: One-Armed, Excitable, Chatterbox, Eidetic Memory, Addicted to Nicotine


Raven is a Corax to the core. She loves gossip, acquiring information, learning secrets, and then passing those precious secrets along to the right people. Though the right people can sometimes be up for debate. She is clearly loyal, though her loyalties might be surprising to anyone that bothers to untangle that particular pecking order in her mind or tease that information from her.

Raven doesn't view herself as belonging to any one faction, even as a faction second, her duties to the faction have one place and her duties to Gaia another. She may be strange and odd, but she endeavors to show respect to all and give everyone an equal opportunity to call her friend. What people do with that opportunity is another thing entirely.


“I dunno, ask her yourself. She’s right up there.” - Peyton Johnston, Mortal Second, as she points up to the ceiling.

"There's so much on the surface, few people bothers to look underneath. Treat her with respect and kindness - I will not be the only one to take exception if she is hurt." - Isabelle Temple, Mage Leader

"Very short sighted for someone who can see so much." - Baroness Kiara Voss, Mortal Leader