Title: Truthcatcher
Rank: Aka 
Occupation: Roaming Scholar 
Defining Characteristics: Unknown


Title: none 
Rank: Oviculum 
Occupation: Professional Flier? Snoop? Aerial Acrobat! Yeah! 
Defining Characteristics: Chatterbox

Who am I?

Title: Ahadi Shaman 
Rank: Legend
Occupation: Farmer 
Defining Characteristics: Unknown


Title: Wyrmfoe
Rank: Tilau
Occupation: Guardian of the Speakeasy
Defining Characteristics: Graceful, Grooming Compulsion, Odd Manner of Speaking, Mishearing Things, ESL, No Scent

Who am I?

Title: none 
Rank: First 
Occupation: [Occupation]
Defining Characteristics: Unknown

Raven Black

Title:  none
Rank: Volucris
Occupation: Newspaper Delivery 
Defining Characteristics: One-Armed, Excitable, Chatterbox, Eidetic Memory, Addicted to Nicotine


Title: none
Rank: Tekhmet 
Occupation: Paramedic 
Defining Characteristics: Strict Carnivore, Healer's Heart, Good Natured, Kind