Getting Started

Here at Rumble Street, we use a character approval system to ensure character concepts are sound and give a sense of realism. We want to avoid disruptive characters and give players a sense their character has a place within the setting for the sake of everyone's enjoyment. Below is a bit of an explanation on how to get started with your first character. If you have any questions at any time, ask any member of the STAFF in irc or post on the forums and we will be happy to assist.


1. Check out the Setting information and make sure it sounds like something you'd like to be a part of. [Link coming soon]

2. Review the Approved Characters list, and see if there's something you're interested in playing. [Link coming soon]

3. Join IRC and say hello. You are also invited to lurk in the IC channels and watch current rp to get a feel for our style. [Click here to learn how.]

4. Register on the forums. Quick, painless, automatic approval and we promise no spam. You will be asked who the game founders are to prove your not a robot. The answer is Jose and Thea. [Click here to visit the forums in a new window.]

5. Fill out a character template on the forums. Instructions are found in the thread on the forums. [Click here to view Template instructions.]
(You will need to be logged in to view and post.) If you have any questions, just ask us in IRC. You may be directed to join the channel #RS_Concept but ask in #RS_OOC first if anyone is available to discuss a new character with you. Some who are familiar with oWoD find it easier to begin sheeting the character now rather than waiting till step 8, but it is in no way required yet.

6. Once you have posted your character, be sure to check back often as a STer will reply to your concept and ask questions or make suggestions. We recommend you also visit in IRC, get to know the people and ask questions. The STers might seek to speak with you in channel as well. You may find it convenient to "Subscribe" to your character application so replies trigger an email notification. You can find this at the top left corner of the forums when viewing your thread.

subscribe [Click for full size]

7. Social Approval! Once the STers feel you have a solid concept, they will grant you Social Approval status. This means you can join in the rp with your new character. You only limitations are that you may not use powers or abilities yet. You may not make contested actions against other players, and you may not join in plot.

8. Sheeting your character. If you are not familiar with WoD rules, the STAFF is more than happy to help out. We use x20 sheets for all character types. (If your sheet has the Dodge Talent you are using an old sheet. Dodge now falls under Athletics. Please update to x20.) [Click here for x20 sheets.

9. STers may have questions again, so as with step 6, keep an eye on your character submission. Character sheets should match the concept you submitted in step 5.

10. Full approval! Once the STers give their stamp of approval, you are clear to participate in all the craziness! Enjoy.