Mira Kincaide      
   Player:  Kt
   Meta Type:  Gifted Mortal
   Title:  none
   Numina:  Psychic
   Age (Apparent):  late 20s
   Height:  5' 9"
   Weight:  150 lbs
   Hair:  Red
   Eyes:  Gray
   Nationality:  American
   Skills:  Investigator, Numinist, Fighter


“Do what you will, so long as it harms none. And if you’re harming people, I’ll light your ass up.”


Occupation: Private Eye/Occult Fraud Specialist
Defining Characteristics: Big red hair, constant snark, cusswordese, wears occult jewelry.


Mira is not for everyone. She's not a bad person, in fact she spends a lot of time trying to help others where she can, but her mouth is more than a little bit overactive. She's snarky, and curses a lot, and sometimes the rough edges of her socially don't get her a lot of friends. But she tries to help people whenever and however she can because perhaps, just perhaps, she thinks it's the right thing to do.

Mira wears her otherness on her shoulder, seemingly unafraid to be queer, pagan, and an unapologetically forward female in a world that is still shaking off its negativity toward such things. She’s happy to converse about any number of taboo topics, even loves doing so, though that might also add to the fact that she can be an acquired taste on the best of days.

All in all, if one were to sum up Mira as a person, she’d be that bizarre redhead who cusses and drinks a lot, and talks about how the place is lit up like a bonfire even when there’s not a lick of flames in sight, but is one of the first to volunteer when someone needs help. She’s an oddity, but she’s your oddity.