Mage News

Ashe stepping down as mage leader
Dae Soon and Ashe, it seems other things are in order than choosing among ourselves. I will explain and at this point we will likely be moving in a different...
Death Thu-31-Aug

Various Stuff - Updates 5/3/2017
We figured everyone would want to be updated on what has happened and to note some changes for us.

Ashe - is Leader 1 and Ramirez is Leader...
Death Wed-3-May

Mage - Electing a Leader and 2nd

I look forward to seeing what you do with the faction and the cabal.

- Rico

p.s. I have enough drugs for everyone, I...
Jose Sat-29-Apr

UPDATE for mages 4/6/17
Tsuru is wandering the streets, she hasn't met with Isabelle yet so no contact as of now.
chezz Fri-7-Apr

::Notes To All Mages::
Jasmine will note in her actions that there are 2 unrecognized IP's on the server, both with a date of access of approximately one week. There is also a third...
Jose Wed-24-Feb