Yi Dae Soon      
   Player:  Shan
   Meta Type:  Mage
   Tradition:  Order of Hermes
   Title:  none
   Age (Apparent):  Early 20s
   Height:  6' 0"
   Weight:  145 lbs
   Hair:  Black
   Eyes:  Brown
   Nationality:  South Korean
   Skills:  Physics, Computers, Technology, Occult


"Destiny is predetermined. Choice is an illusion to the unenlightened. Without knowing what will be, you will make the same choice everytime. To change Fate, you must re-align Destiny."


Status: Initiate Exemptus of the Hermetic Order
Occupation: Engineering Student
Defining Characteristics: Well Dressed, Confident


For a university student and no part time job, Dae Soon is always well dressed and more often than not wearing designer clothes. Despite how this suggests he comes from a family of wealth, he still seems pretty down to earth most of the time and is easy to make friends. 

He may know a lot for his age, but most of this has been book learning. Having never seen a vampire or shifter before coming to New Orleans, each day here seems to bring new wonders he is eager to discover.