Ashton Blake      
   Player:  Sapphire
   Meta Type:  Mage
   Tradition:  Orphan
   Title:  None
   Age (Apparent):  Mid 20s
   Height:  5' 7"
   Weight:  160 lbs
   Hair:  Black
   Eyes:  Grey
   Nationality:  Japanese American
   Skills:  Soshu Bladesmith, Metallurgy, Kenjutsu Swordsman


"Anyone can make a weapon, my craft is to turn what is deadly into what is also beautiful. Magic? What is power if it can not be tempered by honour, courage, compassion, and justice. Tradition and my Grandfather's teachings will be my temper."


Occupation: Bladesmith 
Defining Characteristics: Expressive Features


Ashe is the son of an American Soldier and a Japanese woman - taught by his Grandfather and fostered to learn the ancient tradition of his ancestors. He tries to blend both heritages and often ends up confusing people in his willingness to switch between western and eastern mannerisms, but it is an attempt to make people comfortable around him. Himself, he prefers the manners of his Grandfather and Mother, but doesn't cling to them so tightly that he isn't willing to bend a little. Beneath his calm and content exterior, passions run deep. Those hot emotions tend to surface when insult is made or what he values is offended, but mostly they are controlled.

Central to Ashe's life is his craft. He was taught, from a young age, by his grandfather to work metal and craft living weapons from steel as his ancestors have been doing for centuries. His craft is his life and his passion, a religious experience as he takes the raw materials and transforms them into objects of deadly beauty. When he is working, he is calm and serene. Each step of the process is undertaken with great care and skill, to rush is to do a disservice to the art of his craft.


"I'm not sure anyone with the potential power mages wield can ever truly be trusted, but Ashe has demonstrated both honour and humility. Perhaps there is hope for his kind after all." - Talyn Kestrel, Toreador Ghoul