Raising the Ahadi Caern [Nov 2016]

Garou Nation has gathered for war. The malfean Legion has been gathering souls do draw us all into Oblivion. To keep Legion from releasing and absorbing the bane contained within the weakening Caern at the levies in kindred territory, the members of the accord have gathered to create a caern of their own. Not only will this serve as a prison for the bane and keep it from escaping, but this will also serve to solidify the Ahadi and draw the splintered factions of the accords into one people with a shared purpose.

The fate of NOLA, indeed the world, rests on the outcome of this battle.

Ishkode Wolfe, Brujah of Prince Ujio Tanaka's Domain of New Orleans, stands before the gathering to say a few words. The sound of his clear, deep voice is enough to draw people's attention and all coversation ceases as he speaks.

Let us take a moment to remember the many fallen, who gave their lives so that we would have a home. Who made the ultimate sacrifice that Legion could be stopped, and the Garou offensive could be halted. They shall always be remembered. May their spirits rest within the peace of the caern we have raised, and their selflessness be an inspiration to us all. If you would like to say a few words about any of them, please do.

The time has come to raise the Ahadi Caern. The supernatural alliance of NOLA arrives and takes their positions of defense against insurmountable odds. The night looks bleak, but it's all or nothing as the Accords pour all they have into this last ditch effort to keep all the powerful forces at bay who wish to eradicate them once and for all.

At the levies in vampire territory, the old garou caern is about to fall. If it does, the powerful bane currently bound and restrained will be let loose. Legion will try to devour the bane to grow more powerful, and unleash whatever doom and destruction the Malfean has planned. Only by erecting a new caern, and binding the bane to it, can they stop this particular flavour of doom. And yet the Garou will have none of it. Rather than assist in NOLA's darkest time, they are taking this opportunity to wipe out what they consider Wyrm-Tainted Accords and purge the city. Legion, no doubt, is proud of their efforts.

As darkness falls, the kindred and their vassals have arrived. Storm clouds gather, the wind picks up an intense chill unusual for NOLA at any time of year, and lightning streaks across the sky. Despite week long efforts of planning an preparation, are they ready to face the Garou onslaught? Can they truly stand against the Nation? And who is this girl walking towards the defenders in what will soon be the middle of a bloody war zone?

The defenders have withstood the opening assault through strong will and inspiring courage. But what is this approaching? Howls from the ground, and great whomps beating the air above. Did the Garou Nation call in the military? Can the Ahadi defenders truly withstand such firepower?

Avatars and spirits join the fray on both sides. The land herself raises to the defense and storms rage wild in the skies. Just as the defenders start to get the upper hand, the arrival of Ivar Bjornsen, "Bears Teeth" Athro, Get of Fenris sets the second line into chaos.

The time of reckoning has come. Who is willing to pay the price necessary to achieve victory? Who might yet cheat death despite all odds? A battle waged by great and small, and yet each has such an important role to play. Will we finally discover who MamaSan is after all this time?

Time to pick up the pieces, lick your wounds, and make sure all that we just sacrificed and fought for remains protected. The battle is over, everyone is tired, but work has just begun. We enter a new era for the city, as the Ahadi rises from blood, sweat, and so many tears.

Raising of the Ahadi Caern is an epic, setting changing plot. By taking part, you have a chance to affect the outcome and future of the setting. Glory may be won, but character death is a distinct possibility. Great reward often comes at great risk.

Keep in mind IC wise this is all hands on deck. Almost every player, and every character they have active, is taking part.  As such, this is an epic battle, on a huge scale. The rules for this event are going to be a little bit different than most.

Even if you took part in ACT 1, make sure to familiarize yourself with the rules before we start ACT 2. It will make things smoother, and STers won' t have to waste time repeating themselves.