Rumble Street is an IRC based role playing community. You can access us through your web browser below, or use your favourite IRC client. Also remember to check out the forums for additional information and character submissions.


Mibbit Login
Channel #RS_OOC


Connection Details

IRC Server:

Port: 6667

Channels: #RS_OOC (Official Channels)


Some of the more popular IRC clients.

IRCCloud (browser) and IRCCloud (Android) - Multi-platform, stay connected through unstable internet connections. Create an account or use your google/gmail account. Access seamlessly from computer to phone. Logging, temporary image and file hosting, and automatically breaks up long posts so nothing you type is ever lost. Absolutely free. After the free (7-day) trial, you will be disconnected after 2 hours of inactivity and file sharing limited to 100 MB. Premium is only $5/month if you want those to be unlimited.


Web Client (Mibbit) - This is the same client as the login above.  Log in from the web page. Just change the channel name to #RS_OOC and select your nickname.

Alternate Web Client - Only use if the Mibbit client above doesn't work for you. Also hosted by


mIRC - Perhaps the most widely used irc clients for Windows out there. Highly customizable, script friendly, automatically breaks up long posts so nothing is lost. There is a free 30 day trial at which point you must pay and register. ($20 USD) Most of us who use it consider it well worth the investment.

Colloquy - Popular Max OS X.

AndChat - Popular Android client

AndroIRC - Another good Android client.