The garou have turned on the city of New Orleans and it's inhabitants due to plot direction and pc activity as such Garou of the Nation are now a non-playable character type, please keep this in mind as you look over the approvals section.

* * There are no current slots open for Shifters starting at rank 4 or greater. * *



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Your mother was human, Kin or not, or a homid Garou. You grew up among humans and learned how to live in their society. Yet something always set you apart. Other kids reacted unconsciously to the predator within you, and to the vicious temper that you couldn't always keep under control. Strange dreams marked your childhood, and as you grew you remembered more and more of them -- dreams of the moon, of the taste of blood, of the smell of war. Maybe they found you before your Change, maybe after, but now there's no going back. You are what you are -- you're as much wolf as human now.


Born to two werewolves who broke the Litany for love or lust, you were a child that shouldn't have been -- but one raised among the Garou anyway. You endured a hard, thankless life, stemming both from the deformity that is your birthright and your place at the bottom of the social ladder. Many other Garou pointed to your deformity as a sign that you, like all other metis, are a living affront to Gaia -- others said it's a likely side effect of the over-concentration of already powerful werewolf blood. Whatever the case, you've survived from a hard birth, through years of living only in your Crinos body (the natural form of a metis), to finally undergo your First Change. Whether your parents raised you -- as an outcast among the sept -- or long-suffering but devoted Kinfolk did, you're now ready to take your place in the sept. Unlike homids, you have a lot of knowledge about werewolf society already -- the nobility, the brutality, the wisdom, the spite.

[Ronin Garou]

Any of the base tribes

With the majority of the Garou Nation having turned their backs on the Ahadi of New Orleans, some of the garou have decided to leave the nation due to questionable methods and join with the Ahadi. These garou who have done so have paid the price of tribal affiliations and been declared or declared of themselves to be Ronin. Once a garou goes through the Dawning Ritual they may claim membership in the Ahadi of New Orleans and join with the mixed group of shifters and other supernaturals who have banded together to protect the city.


Kinfolk of any shifter on the Approved or Restricted list.

The Kinfolk, sometimes called Gallain or just Kin, are those humans and wolves (or Fera animal kin) who are related to the Garou (or Fera) and are not prone to Delirium, but who are not actual shifters themselves. A shifter breeding with kinfolk increases their usually slim chance to breed true shifter offspring and so are highly valued in most shifter cultures.
* Garou Kinfolk will not be approved without a solid reason why the Garou Nation won't attack to drag them back. *


Pumonca (Rank 1 only)

Quote: "If you didn't talk so much, you might hear a great deal more."

The Pumonca cougar-folk travel a long and lonely path, wandering the wilderness of North America, in search of Asura blight or bits of forgotten wisdom. Although they walk alone, the rest of the Bastet respect them for the knowledge they bear, the tales they tell -- and their single-minded dedication to their native lands.

Qualmi (Rank 1 only)

Quote: "If I were to change my face, would it alter what I am? Appearances are deceiving, my brother; the heart sees better than the eyes."

Sly and witty, the Qualmi are the most introspective of the Bastet, and the most maddening to deal with. While they enjoy company (in small doses), their enigmatic ways and inscrutable attitudes ensure that few beyond close friends and family can stand to be around them for long. But for those who can weather it, the Riddle Dancers are good friends and fierce fighters.


Nuwisha (Rank 1 only)

Quote: "You've no business laughing at others if you can't laugh at yourself. Now put that klaive away before I spank you with it."

The Nuwisha may appear to be little more than aimless tricksters, but hiding behind that facade is a clear and direct purpose handed down from Coyote himself. While some werecoyotes use their talent for violent slapstick to educate the other Changing Breeds, others use deadly tricks and pranks to strike at the Wyrm.

Corax (Rank 1 only)

Quote: "I don't care if my evidence won't hold up in a court of law. I got it from a dead man's eye, and that's good enough for me--so keep watching the skies, pal. I'll be up there watching and waiting for you to screw up again. And when you do..."

The wereravens pay attention. They watch, they listen, and they report what they know to those who need it. They ferret out secrets, listen carefully to conversations that shouldn't be taking place, and learn the weaknesses and strengths of their enemies, friends, casual acquaintances, and whoever happens to be nearby. What they're learning isn't as important as that they're learning.




Animal Breeds Reserved for experienced RS players.

No Animal Breed will enter play with a skill set of human based abilities beyond the following limitations:
● No human based ability at 5.
● No more than ONE human based ability at 4.
● No more than TWO human based abilities at 3.
● Human based abilities at 2 or less are permitted within reason.
● ALL human based abilities must have a good story as to how they were learned, practiced, and why such unnatural pursuits kept your interests.



Quote: "Our wisdom is older than the Brahmans, more ancient than the sutras. We have seen the Aryans, the Greeks, the Mughals and the British pass through, and we have been unmoved. In the First Days, we learned our place under Heaven: to observe, to destroy and to usher the soul to its next life's destiny."

Wereleopards and werepanthers are renowned for their mystic insights and ferocious tempers. They are a strong and sagacious folk, constantly plumbing the depths of Gaia's wisdom, even as they fight savagely to rip the talons of Asura from the Earth.


Quote: "Take your demon filth and get out of my home. Stay, and die."

Fury given a physical form, the jaguar-folk Balam possess an intensity unmatched by any other Changing Breed. Antisocial to the extreme, they merely wish to be left alone to prowl the twilight depths of the Amazon. Unfortunately, Pentex and the Asura are rending the rain forests of South America limb from limb, blighting the once-pristine jungle into a scarred perversion of its former self. And so, the Balam fight ceaselessly, making their foe pay a bloody price for every inch of land they seek to defile.


Quote: "If there's a viper in your soul, purge it. The road we walk is treacherous enough alone."

The Bubasti are a puzzle, an enigma, a mystery wrapped in contradiction. The mystics of catkind, they are a shy and secretive race. They are, however, also the most social of the Bastet, and tend to work closely with one another in most of their endeavors. Inextricably tied to the past, they also cast their golden eyes toward the future -- and a time when the Bastet may truly fulfill the roles set for them by Gaia. The Bubasti are an eerie and often despised tribe of sorcerer-cats. Descended from the theoretically extinct cats of Kyphur (an Egyptian species revered as god-avatars), the shadowcats are always hungry: Food, sensation, knowledge -- a Bubasti can never get enough of anything.


Quote: Quote: "Art is the expression of a dream. And dreams, my friend, are what we are at heart."

Legends claim that this tribe died out in the great witch-purges of the 1500-1600s. The legends lie. The Ceilican (a European breed linked to wildcats, domestic species, and a vanished type of lion), fearing the fate which is attributed to them, simply chose to take their existence into the shadows, and let those who would have purged them from existence assume they'd been successful.


Quote: "No king is so mighty, no priest so holy, no virgin so pure at heart that their blood would not freeze before the face of a tiger. I am the battler of dragons, the son of the dawn. Look upon me and tremble. Before me, you are as nothing."

Raw power defines a Khan. Neither subtle nor patient, they are infamous for their explosive tempers. But their strength is that of mountains, and their fury knows no bounds. Accustomed to being worshiped as gods, the weretigers are the strongest of the Bastet and they are well aware of this fact.

Pumonca (Rank 2 or 3)

Quote: "If you didn't talk so much, you might hear a great deal more."

The Pumonca cougar-folk travel a long and lonely path, wandering the wilderness of North America, in search of Asura blight or bits of forgotten wisdom. Although they walk alone, the rest of the Bastet respect them for the knowledge they bear, the tales they tell -- and their single-minded dedication to their native lands.

Qualmi (Rank 2 or 3)

Quote: "If I were to change my face, would it alter what I am? Appearances are deceiving, my brother; the heart sees better than the eyes."

Sly and witty, the Qualmi are the most introspective of the Bastet, and the most maddening to deal with. While they enjoy company (in small doses), their enigmatic ways and inscrutable attitudes ensure that few beyond close friends and family can stand to be around them for long. But for those who can weather it, the Riddle Dancers are good friends and fierce fighters.


Quote: "A pity you lack vision. Something must be done. Fortunately, I have an answer. Are you with me or not?"

The Simba represent the best Gaia has to offer: The "Lords of Sunlight" are regal, proud, and powerful beyond compare. However, the werelions are also arrogant, domineering, and malicious -- even under the best circumstances. These traits -- positive and negative -- are currently being displayed to their extremes, as a Simba warlord attempts to bring all of Africa under his merciless control.


Quote: "Are you blind? How can you see the world around you and not insist that we're living in the final days?"

Swara are built for speed: Quick, wiry, and fast. It would be easy to think these the best of the cheetah-folk's talents, but swiftness is only part of their virtue. The world of spirit speaks to them, calling them to fight on Gaia's behalf. This they do, and gladly, making them one of the most courageous of all of the Changing Breeds.



Quote: "Do you know why they called us "Bringers of Rain?" Because we made the tears of widows and children fall, just as we still do. Leave us be. For your family's sake."

Once, Ajaba played a vital role in the natural and supernatural microcosm of Africa. Today, they scramble desperately for survival in the wake of a leonine massacre. Their enemies thought to destroy them, but now the werehyenas are hungry to reclaim their duties and exact their revenge.

Ananasi (Rank 1 only) (Limited: 1 max)

Quote: "Even your enemies may become allies, at least for a time. It's all part of the pattern."

The Ananasi are, perhaps, not the most powerful shapeshifters in the world, but they are probably the most disturbing. They are the werespiders, capable of changing into creatures of pure nightmare or a horde of tiny arachnids. The Garou feel that they serve the Wyrm, and the werewolves are not entirely wrong. Some Ananasi do obey the Wyrm, but some take their marching orders from the Weaver and others the Wyld. All of the werespiders, though, serve only one mistress at heart: Their imprisoned Queen, Ananasa.

Corax (Rank 3) (Limited: 2 max)

Quote: "I don't care if my evidence won't hold up in a court of law. I got it from a dead man's eye, and that's good enough for me--so keep watching the skies, pal. I'll be up there watching and waiting for you to screw up again. And when you do..."

The wereravens pay attention. They watch, they listen, and they report what they know to those who need it. They ferret out secrets, listen carefully to conversations that shouldn't be taking place, and learn the weaknesses and strengths of their enemies, friends, casual acquaintances, and whoever happens to be nearby. What they're learning isn't as important as that they're learning.


Quote: "We may be healers, but we are learning how powerful our Rage can be and how satisfying it is to express your anger against enemies of Gaia."

When one of the Garou starts talking about the War of Rage, someone inevitably brings up the Gurahl. The werebears were, according to most histories on the subject, the first targets of the werewolves. Why they were targeted is a matter of contention, and of course it probably wasn't one event that started it. The question is moot now in any case; the werebears still live, but only just. Their skills as the healers of Gaia are sorely needed, and there just aren't enough of them to do the job.


Quote: "I am the entire line of my people, stretching back to the beginning. I am my ancestor's wisdom, I am their hope, and I am their anger."

Before Man walked, Things roamed the Earth. Slithering, stalking, stomping Things. Lazy, slow Things, too massive to be bothered by anything smaller. Flickering, darting Things, fast enough to attack and be gone before the wound began to bleed. Sharp-toothed, tearing Things, and Things that soared overhead. Things in the depths of the blackest waters, and Things in the tops of the trees. Things hunted. Things killed. And now... Things remember.

Nagah (Rank 1 only) (Limited: 1 max)

Quote: "In your heart, you know that what you were doing was unjust, and in your heart, you know that someday punishment would come. And we are here."

Deadly assassins, the Nagah survive to ply their trade in Gaia's service only because they faked their own extinction thousands of years ago. Now they sit in judgement of human and Changing Breed alike, executing those who turn their back on Gaia's purpose.

With the revelation in Africa that the Nagah exist, some have come to America to see this second Ahadi, only the youngest and most reckless want to prove the worthiness of the Ahadi to their fellows through action. The Sesha know of these young rogues, who have unquestionably violated the sacred secret but have not yet ordered their deaths. Perhaps these young Nagah have the secret approval of the Sesha, or perhaps the Sesha are simply waiting to let events inform them whether this bold action deserves to be rewarded with praise or destruction.

Nuwisha (Rank 2 or higher) (Limited: 2 max)

Quote: "You've no business laughing at others if you can't laugh at yourself. Now put that klaive away before I spank you with it."

The Nuwisha may appear to be little more than aimless tricksters, but hiding behind that facade is a clear and direct purpose handed down from Coyote himself. While some werecoyotes use their talent for violent slapstick to educate the other Changing Breeds, others use deadly tricks and pranks to strike at the Wyrm.


Quote: "You can just shut the hell up and lie flat on the floor before somebody gnaws your face off. Your people had your chance, and you blew it. Now it's our turn to fix things.

Not only are Ratkin the most numerous Changing Breed, they're also arguably the most dangerous. Plagued with madness, the wererats turn their Rage on any enemy of chaos, not just the Weaver and Wyrm, but also humans and any signs of progress or structure.

Ratkin Freak aspects (Engineers, Plague Lords, Munchmausen) should be considered EXTREMELY restricted and rare in this game. There will be no more than ONE in play. [Slot filled]



The immortal weresharks have been isolated from other werecreatures for thousands of years. Now, some of them are now taking a more active interest in the world above the waves.


Kitsune (Rank 2 or less) (Limited: 1 max)

Quote: "Do not worry that you will see my skill in battle, my enemy. Were you to see me I would be disappointed indeed. Feel my teeth and claws, yes. See me, no."

Tricksters, assassins, magicians, and holy warriors, the Kitsune do Gaia's will where others cannot or will not. Bound by the Laws of Heaven, the fox-shifters pull strings behind the scenes, while putting forth a perfect outward-countenance for the rest of the world to see.

Tengu (Rank 2 or less) (Limited: 1 max)

Quote: "Don't listen to the courts. There's so much more to the world than just the Middle Kingdom. Things come from the West all the time; sometimes people are worse off for accepting them, and sometimes people are worse off for rejecting them. Our duties are here, but our hearts are not blind."

Like their Western relatives, the Tengu are the Beast Courts' scouts, messengers and information gatherers. Like the Hakken, most Tengu take a keen interest in humans and their lives and customs. Being what they are, Tengu are fascinated with human secrets and enjoy talking with any human who can spare the time.

Hakken (Rank 2 or less) (Limited: 1 max)

Quote: "Your pretty speech emphasizes your belief in yourself. Would you turn your words to action and cross blades so that we may truly assess your worth?"

Though the Hakken consider Japan to be their homeland, a substantial minority now make their homes in other nations around the Pacific - primarily in China, South Korea, and the West Coast cities of the United States and Canada. Some werewolves believe the Hakken to be nothing more than an Asian branch of the Shadow Lords. Any similarities pale in comparison to the vast differences between the two. Most Hakken consider the Garou Nation to be little more than murderous barbarians who have spurned their place in the Emerald Mother's great plan by refusing to work with the other Changing Breeds.

Nezumi (Rank 2 or less) (Limited: 1 max)

Quote: "We fight in the hidden places and in the dark times. As the Wheel turns and the darkness nears, we will rise to the occasion."

The Emerald Mother placed the Nezumi in charge of keeping human populations under control, but while their own numbers continue to grow, they have had little success limiting the swift increase of Asia's population over the last half century. In the wars between Beast Courts and Bakemono, the Nezumi do not use the High War of the Hakken or the Khan, where combatants engage in single combat or deadly formal battles. The Nezumi are the undisputed masters of the Low War, using sabotage, assassination, bribery and other dirty tricks when High War fails to deliver the desired result.


Not Approved


Cub Rank
Athro Rank
Elder Rank
Legend Rank

[Garou Tribes]

Black Furies

Quote: "You dare condemn us for standing as a sisterhood? For choosing to help women first? Yes, women shouldn’t need our help. Gaia shouldn’t need Her Furies. But they do. Now stand the hell aside before I show you real pain."

Bone Gnawers

Quote: "You see this shit? This is where the war’s always been at its worst. This is where the Wyrm kills and twists and fucks up people because it knows nobody cares. We’re the bastards who’ve been on this battlefield forever. Remember that."

Many disdain the Bone Gnawers as living proof of how far the Garou have fallen from grace. Ragged and luckless, hunting territories no other tribe wants and breeding with Kin no other tribe claims, the Children of Rat come across as mongrel scavengers taking whatever castoffs they can. The Bone Gnawers see it differently. They're the most populous tribe in the Garou Nation. They're not the picture of failure -- they're the picture of success, because they're playing the game of survival.

Children of Gaia

Quote: "We’re Garou. We draw out the toxins from our Mother’s blood, cut away Her cancers, slay the parasites feeding on Her flesh. But once the surgery’s done, you have to bind the wounds back up, too."

The Children of Gaia seem to be a study in contradiction. They are Gaia's warriors, yet they want nothing more than peace. No Garou work harder and plead more humbly for cooperation between the tribes than they do. None grieve more when forced to shed the blood of a fellow werewolf. More than any other tribe, they value compassion for all Gaia's children, even those that hold them in contempt. Many Garou mistake this compassion for weakness, -- only to discover that the Children's hatred of war doesn't preclude the ability and will to fight -- and fight well.


Quote: Quote: "The blood of heroes is on fire within us! The ghosts of our ancestors swell with pride to see us stand strong and true! The Wyrm itself trembles when we howl! AAAAUURROOOOO!"

Grief and joy, love and war, life and death -- life is a series of contradictions, and the Fianna embrace them all. The Tribe of Stag are passionate Garou who exult in the pleasures of the flesh as well as the more abstract delights of a song well-sung or a battle well-fought. Their philosophy is far from a shallow "live in the now" concept, though. The Fianna are prominent lorekeepers and bards, fascinated with the history of all tribes as well as their own. Their Galliards have a particular place of honor within the tribe, but every auspice is expected to learn lessons from the past.

Get of Fenris

Quote: "Pain is my lover. Death is my sister. Gaia is my Mother, and Great Fenris is my Father. You have NOTHING for me to fear!"

Even among a race of warriors, the Get of Fenris are the most warlike. The Fenrir, as they're also known, value a glorious death over a peaceful old age. They wear their scars with pride, howl the glory of their victories, and revel in the fear that they spread among the minions of the Wyrm. To the Get, compassion is a luxury, not a virtue -- the greatest virtues are valor and strength.

Glass Walkers

Quote: "Look, a city’s like any other spider web. There are sticky strands, and there are clean strands. If you stay on the clean strands you don’t get caught — and you have a good foothold in case you need to cut something loose."

The Glass Walkers are werewolves unlike any other. They have largely abandoned the ancestral ways in favor of a cutting-edge, always-adapting blend of technology and shamanism. They actually prefer urban life to the wilderness, and defend the Scabs as centers of a vibrant ecology all its own. Even if that ecology is often wounded or diseased, it can be made healthy, the Glass Walkers argue. The other tribes often call them urrah, or tainted ones -- but the children of Cockroach won't give up the advantages of modern achievement just to repair their reputation.

Red Talons

Quote: "“I would rather die than see a world without wolves. I will gladly kill to prevent it."

The Garou sing old tales of the time when humans cowered around their campfires and feared the fangs in the night. Most howl of the Impergium as something to be regretted -- but not the Red Talons. These fierce werewolves claim that the only mistake made in the Impergium was choosing to end it -- that Gaia would never have become this imperiled without the pestilence that is humanity running out of control. The Red Talons refute their human side almost entirely: apart from a few metis, the tribe is entirely wolf-born. Their anger and sorrow and hatred are born from watching their wolf kin diminish and humans spread -- painful emotions that define the tribe.

Shadow Lords

Quote: "Of course I have a plan. Someone needs to do the thinking around here. Now are you interested in winning this fight, or were you looking forward to a glorious face-first charge into a wall of silver bullets?"

The strong dominate; the weak submit. This is the core of Shadow Lord philosophy. Intensely political and coldly pragmatic, the Shadow Lords practice a rigid internal hierarchy and promote an equally unforgiving value system for the Garou Nation. Their very presence is divisive. Other tribes view their manipulative tactics as a reason to distrust the Lords, or complain that anyone so ruthless is marked for eventual corruption. Some would argue that they should be cast out of the Nation entirely -- but the Shadow Lords are far too valuable. Their methods are often dishonorable and sometimes cruel, but they get results.

Silent Striders

Quote: "Trust me, I’ve seen things you don’t want to know about. This, though — this you need to know."

Restless and haunted, the Silent Striders roam from caern to caern, always searching, always listening. They are messengers and advance scouts for the Garou Nation, rooting out things hidden to the other tribes and bringing word to the locals. Even in the modern days of electronic communication, the Striders prove themselves vital by bringing swift word of threats better spoken of face-to-face. They have a reputation for being taciturn and aloof, which lends extra weight to their words. When a Silent Strider has something to say, it's often dangerous news.

Silver Fangs

Quote: "I ask nothing of you that you should not want to give for Gaia. Stand with me and She may yet be saved!"

The Silver Fangs are first among the tribes, as they are quick to point out. Descendants of great heroes and monarchs, every one, the tribe of Falcon claims the role of leadership of the Garou Nation. They trace their bloodline back to the Progenitor Wolf, a genealogy of the noblest human blood and the finest wolf ancestors. Through the ages, they have been at the forefront of the war, the proudest and most magnificent Garou -- and to hear the Silver Fangs tell it, that is still true. Other tribes have their doubts, though. Some charge that the Silver Fang's obsession with pure blood has brought them to inbreeding, and their once-clear minds have grown feeble and clouded through the generations. Weak kings demand respect for the deeds of their ancestors, not their own. Mad leaders care more for the details of their courtly traditions than for the war against the Wyrm. Far too many fall to Harano for them to be a healthy tribe.


Quote: "Rage is a heavy snake that coils around you and sinks its poison into your heart. You must recognize the burden on your back if you are to have any hope of standing up straight."

Few fully understand the Stargazers. They are the smallest tribe in the Garou Nation, in large part because they follow a creed that seems to fly in the face of what it means to be Garou. They pursue meditation, philosophy, lucid dreaming -- all manner of ways to master their inner selves, to master their Rage. Caught between wolf and human, Rage and Gnosis, material and spirit, the Stargazers seek the very key to Garou existence: Balance.


Quote: "We were not given eyes, ears, and a mind so we could stay blind, deaf, and ignorant. You don’t like what you see — but that is exactly why we must look on it."

In the days before the Europeans reached the Americas, the Uktena acted as the wise Older Brother of the three tribes of Pure Ones. Where Wendigo focused on war and the hunt, and the Croatan were more sociable, the Uktena gathered mystical lore to themselves. They settled across the Americas, favoring more southern lands where the rivers they cherish were plentiful.


Quote: "Just because we have survived the treachery of your ancestors, that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten or forgiven. Count yourself lucky there are greater enemies."

Besieged by the Wyrm and betrayed by their fellow tribes, the Wendigo have learned much about hatred over the centuries. The Europeans came to steal, murder, and conquer, and the tribes that came to the Americas with them were no better. Though the old wars over territory are now over, the Wendigo have forgotten little and forgiven less. Their anger is hot as blood on the snow; their hatred is cold and unyielding as glacial ice.


White Howlers
Black Spiral Dancers


Ratkin Bards
Ratkin Twitchers






Resource 4+
Fetish 5+ at creation


At this time, we are looking to flesh out pillar clans. Until further notice, all other clans will not be approved. Thank you.


* It should be noted that the Kindred of the city are predominately Camarilla. While Independents are tolerated so long as they respect the Traditions, Sabbat are highly antagonistic to the setting and as such are inappropriate for play. *

* * There are no current slots open for Kindred below 8th generation. * *


==== THE CLANS ====

Click on a clan to read more. (Chrome only)





Quote: "I'll give you a head start. You're the tortoise and I'm the hare -- a pissed-off, fuck-the-world hare with a score to settle and a thirst like the devil's own."

The legacy of the Brujah is one of halcyon greatness marred by their own fiery natures. Theirs was the glory of ancient Carthage, but Ventrue treachery in ancient Rome brought the dream to an end. Since then, the Brujah have borne a grudge. Tonight, the Brujah are rebels and provocateurs, bat-swinging hooligans, and agents of change in a society long crippled by stasis. As rebels, it's in their nature to challenge the status quo -- though sometimes, without adequate opposition, they embody the status quo themselves. It works out fine, because there's always a hot-blooded Brujah waiting in the wings to bring down an uppity Clanmate grown too comfortable in the role of rebel-turned-dictator.


Quote: "This is not a place for you, and it is too late to turn back. Run, little man."

A glint of red eyes in the darkness, the scent of a predator's musk, a flash of fangs, the sound of flesh tearing: These mark the presence of the Gangrel. More than any other Clan, the Gangrel resemble the beasts associated with the legends of vampires: Bats, wolves, and other creatures of darkness. Indeed, the Outlanders may develop the ability to transform themselves into these and other, more primal forms. The Gangrel have other characteristics in common with animals as well. Many shun the elaborate social constructs of both Kindred and kine. A number of them prefer to move alone or as a member of small packs or coteries. Most are tough and, when pressed, ferocious. And when Gangrel succumb to the depredations of the Beast, they are left with some feature redolent of the animal kingdom.


Quote: "I was trying to turn water into wine. Where the fuck did all this blood come from? Oh, well -- waste not, want not."

Clan Malkavian is twice damned: once by the curse of being Kindred, and again by the turmoil that disturbs their hearts and minds. Upon the Embrace, every Malkavian is afflicted with an insurmountable insanity that fractures her outlook for every night thereafter, making her unlife one of madness. Some consider this a form of oracular insight, while others simply consider them dangerous. Make no mistake: Malkavian insanity is a painful, alienating phenomenon, but it occasionally provides the Lunatics with bursts of insight or heretofore unknown perspective. Madness for the Malkavians may take the form of any clinical form of insanity, or it may be a hyperacuity of senses others don't know they have; a supernatural puppeteer pulling the Malkavian's strings, or a sense that the Malkavian is somehow ahead of evolutionary schedule. A Malkavian may believe herself to be an idea given physical form or an avatar of some concept the World of Darkness has yet to encounter. She may be a nonstop ravening psychopath, or may be a mostly lucid individual sometimes rendered catatonic by fear of an impending cosmic cataclysm.


Quote: "Nobody down here but us boogeymen. Hey, whose head is this?"

Those who doubt that the Embrace is a curse need look no further than the Nosferatu. Twisted by the mark of Caine, members of Clan Nosferatu are warped by the Embrace into hideous monsters. As such, they skulk and keep to the shadows, and they often rouse the ire and mockery of other Kindred for their nightmarish appearances. Still others are so terrified or revolted by the Nosferatu that these warped Kindred have little social interaction at all. To their credit, the Nosferatu come to possess many of the whispered secrets of their reluctant fellows. The Sewer Rats enjoy a grudging respect as the information-brokers of the Kindred, given their supernatural acumen at stealth and the fact that many Kindred would rather ignore them than acknowledge them. Savvy Nosferatu exploit this for all it's worth, turning the hypocrisy of other vampires to their own profit.


Quote: "Long after you die, I will still be young, beautiful, and adored by everyone whose life I touch."

From the Toreador perspective, when the sun fades, darkness gives rise to an eternal and wondrous world. Everything is fraught with wonder and terror, low politics and sensual glories, the profound and the profane, and an undeniable undercurrent of the sanguinary. These Kindred are the Toreador, and they spend unlives ensconced in pleasure. Of course, for vampires of this disposition, it's easy to become jaded and bitter. More than the other Clans, Toreador often succumb to ennui, or fight the eventual boredom of unchanging immortality by playing at rivalries. An excess of stimulation turns them into slaves to the sensations they seek. The most debased Toreador can become true monsters, sinking to unimaginable levels of depravity in order to feel anything at all.


Quote: "When the world refuses to give, he who makes himself a master of the world may still take."

In nights long lost to the passage of time, the Tremere existed, though they were something else. Those early Tremere then made a bargain -- or wrought a spell, or any number of other harrowing methods attributed to the Clan -- that changed them from what they had been into the vampires they are tonight. Some claim they stole the Curse of Caine from a torpid Antediluvian, or that they concocted the flawed immortality of the Kindred from the stolen vitae of other vampires. Such mysterious origins, which some describe as treacherous or even blasphemous, haunt the Tremere, as the other Clans look upon them with mistrust and suspicion. The history -- and, indeed, the modern legacy -- of the Tremere is one marked by Clan war, centuries-old grudges, and the stain of unwholesome mysteries long left unsolved.


Quote: "There is no shame to bending the knee to one such as myself, so pay your fucking tribute before I lose my temper."

Throughout history, while the other Clans have skulked about their petty intrigues, the Ventrue have curried favor with Caesar, whispered into the ear of Charlemagne, bankrolled the Age of Exploration, and even swayed policy in the Holy See. Theirs is a legacy of rulership, from Ventrue fledglings starting their climb to the top to the mightiest elders whose influence spans the world. Long have they played kingmaker in the shadows in the mortal world, and long have they been the Clan of Kings among the Kindred.


Quote: "Stop treating me like shit. I didn't ask for this!"

Unwanted and abandoned, the Caitiff have swelled the ranks of Kindred society in the past few decades. They are the results of mistakes, regrets, frenzies, and poor choices. Many are lucky to have even a vague recollection of their sire and the Embrace, while most stumble around with no understanding of what they are. Those that find a way to survive are the exception instead of the rule, and some of these Trash grow to become notorious Kindred in their own right.

Ghoul (With PC domitor)

Quote: "No, you listen to me. I don't care who you are or who you're with; the lady asked not to be disturbed. And she isn't going to be. Capisce?"

When most vampires think of ghouls, by default they picture the vassal. Many Cainites find it inconceivable to create ghouls for any other purpose; indeed, to most kindred, any ghouls other than vassals are blasphemies.


Currently Unavailable Clans


Ahrimanes (Limited: 1 max)

Quote: "We are an evolution of your disease, an awakening from the nightmare of Caine. Come, sister. Awaken."

The strange tale of the Ahrimanes begins with a Sabbat Gangrel antitribu named Muricia. Caught between two warring factions of Sabbat Gangrel, she watched as her packmates were pulled into the conflict and ultimately killed. She renounced the Sabbat and the Gangrel Clan entirely, now calling herself "an Ahrimane," and called upon shamanic magic to alter herself. How exactly this was accomplished is still a mystery. One theory is that Muricia was an anomaly even before she attempted her magical working, and had access to powers that other vampires didn't. Another (possibly more plausible) theory is that Muricia had help from mortal sorcerers who were hoping the effect would spread throughout the Kindred of the world, sterilizing them and preventing any new vampires from being created.

Assamite - Vizier *

Quote: "Seventy virgins. Seventy Kindred in the city. Virgin blood -- have any of the Kindred in the city consumed the blood of their own childer? Well, find out!"

Assamite viziers are and always have been a vital part of the Clan. Magical knowledge and research remains the purview of the sorcerers, but the viziers are necessary for compiling and uncovering information on philosophy, government, the arts, and religion. The viziers have acted as leaders within the Clan -- not where matters of war are concerned (this they wisely leave to the warrior Assamites), but when it comes to understanding and relating to mortals, the viziers make the best consultants.

Assamite - Warrior *

Quote: "Your blood is anathema to me, but the act of spilling it brings me closer to Haqim."

The childer of Haqim, known as Assamites to the rest of the Kindred, are a silent knife in the dark, an order of bloodthirsty assassins who participate in the secret wars of the undead by operating as killers for hire. Outside the purview of the Sects, the Assamites are true independents and mercenaries, hiring out to whoever can pay their blood-price and ungoverned by the will of Prince or Priscus. By the time a mark realizes that he's being hunted by an Assamite, it's often far too late. Needless to say, this makes the Assamites both feared and reviled by many of the other Clans.

Assamite - Sorcerer *

Quote: "We were calling down gentle rain and terrible storms when your people were still making crude charcoal marks on cave walls. Don't presume to know us."

Outsiders to Clan Assamite don't see the caste divisions clearly, but the Saracens have a history of blood magic that predates that of the Tremere. Assamite sorcerers began in the Second City, conscripted or lured into the Clan with the promise of immortality in which to perfect their magic. They were tasked with providing magical support, and for centuries, they were simply one caste of the Assamite Clan.

 * Your character is likely tolerated at best, it will be difficult to acquire status, if your character defects from their chosen allegiance you can expect that they will be Blood hunted and your character will likely be killed (Based on Roleplay). If this is your choice of storyline please work with the ops to ensure we can provide you with the best possible story arc available. As always there IS possibility for exceptions dependent on roleplay.


Quote: Quote: "Everyone must ride with Charon, by and by. We merely wish to know what to ask him before we step onto his boat."

The Cappadocians were a Clan that focused on death and undeath. Their founder, an ancient known simply as "Cappadocius" ("of Cappadocia"), did not attempt to rule his Clan. He asked only that they continue the search for truth and the secrets of life and death. The Clan's ancestral roots were rumored to be somewhere in Asia Minor, but by the end of the Dark Ages they had spread throughout Europe. Known as scholars, mystics, and necromancers, the Cappadocians were as firmly entrenched in the Cainite society of their time as any of the Clans of the Camarilla are tonight.

Gangrel - Mariners

Quote: "Why did I leave the land? Because in the sea, the sharks just swim up and bite you. They don't smile first."

The Mariners are Gangrel who have chosen to dwell full-time in the ocean. Gangrel aquarii (as they are sometimes known to scholarly Kindred) swim below the sunlit zone, their Fortitude Discipline keeping them safe from the pressure that would otherwise crush them. They ascend at night to feed, usually on sharks and whales, but they aren't choosy -- anything with blood is fair game. A shipwreck is a smorgasbord for the Mariners, and a large enough disaster is one of the few events that might draw more than one to the same region.

Gangrel - Noiad

Quote: "We are the children of Midnight Sun. We have a family. We have what you never could. And you want to tear it all down, don't you?"

Few Kindred have ever beheld the Northern Lights. The trek to the far reaches of the world, in a place inhospitable to man, beast, or vampire, with no reliable way to feed is enough to put even the most curious Cainite off the idea. And yet, a bloodline of vampires managed to dwell close enough to see these lights on a regular basis. This line -- the Noiad -- felt it was their sacred duty to witness the Northern Lights and interpret the will of the gods. Their mortal charges, a nomadic tribe called the Samí, lived in fear and awe of their godlike protectors. The Noiad defended the Samí from outside threats, both natural and supernatural, and acted as shamans and teachers for these wanderers. In return, the Samí gave of their blood and kept the Noiad safe during the long months with no darkness.

Daughters of Cacophony

Quote: "I heard the song as I died. It led me out of darkness and cold, and it came to my lips with my mother-sister's blood. And now I sing, because to end the song would be to end all."

The Daughters of Cacophony emerged as a distinct bloodline sometime during the 19th century. Before that, of course, there were always Kindred who saw music and song as a way to remain sane. Kindred scholars believe that the Daughters sprang from the blood of either Clan Toreador (for their passionate artistic pursuit) or Malkavian (given their propensity for causing madness), but their supernatural powers point more toward Clan Ventrue. It's something of a moot point, as the "first" Daughter of Cacophony is unknown. Regardless of their origins, the Sirens (as they are called in Kindred circles) are all singers, and the bloodline has always been predominantly female.

Followers of Set

Quote: "I know what you need."

Addiction, debasement, corruption, and desperation strike fear into many Kindred who worry that theirs will become an unlife of ruin, but to the Followers of Set, these and more are the tools of the trade. Pimps, pushers, and priests, the Setites cater to the needs of the desperate, and convert them to a nihilistic cause in doing so. Whether one needs flesh, money, drugs, or dark secrets, the Followers of Set can provide it, and when they do so, they all but guarantee themselves a return visit from those who seek them.

Gargoyles (Free)

Quote: "Master. Why did you burn her? She only wanted to fly free for one night... yes, master. I obey."

The Tremere unveiled the Gargoyle bloodline in AD 1167, and the Slaves have been a steady, if infrequent, part of Kindred society ever since. Gargoyles might, in fact, be one reason that the Tremere weren't exterminated entirely in their first few centuries of existence. These odd quasi-Kindred often look like their stone namesakes -- rocky-skinned, ugly, winged creatures that exist only to serve their masters. Or such was the case for several hundred years. Recently, though, many of the Slaves have thrown off their chains and joined the Camarilla. Why the Gargoyles choose to ally themselves with the Sect that also protects their former masters is anyone's guess. One of the going theories is that it's a slap in the Warlocks' collective face, but most Kindred don't give the Gargoyles credit for being that sophisticated. More likely, the Rockheads simply realize that in the Camarilla, their talents will be recognized and no one will try and order them around (at least not directly).


Quote: "You misunderstand the situation if you think you're important to me alive."

Achieving prominence during the Venetian Renaissance, the Giovanni family built their fortune on the rise of the middle class and the ready profit of banking and Mediterranean trade (and the criminal enterprise that came with it). However, with the family's rise came hubris, as its paterfamilias sought ever more power, and with that hubris came horror. With his earthly power at its apex, Augustus Giovanni turned to the arts of controlling the dead, and in doing so, gained the Embrace from a forgotten Antediluvian. With a conclave of conspirators, the Giovanni plunged a now-forgotten Clan into oblivion and built their own legacy on its corpse.

Lasombra Antitribu

Quote: "I watched the fires of the Reconquista. I saw the trenches of the Great War and the fires that burned Dresden. The so-called "Sword of Caine" does not fill me with dread."

Lasombra antitribu are simply members of Clan Lasombra who either predate the Sabbat and refused to join, or who disagree with the Sabbat's philosophies. They are rare in either case, because the Sabbat goes out of its way to destroy them, but a few persist. Some join the Camarilla, while others remain independent. As a rule, they carry the Machiavellian attitude that typifies the Lasombra -- they fully expect that they will win the Jyhad, and they are willing to do what is necessary to do so. They just feel that their Clan as a whole made the wrong choice.


Quote: Ravnos

The Ravnos move like the rumors that surround them. They are the thief in the night, the raksha chased by the wind, the nightmare-dream too fearful to be real. Whether associated with the Romani folk of Europe or the grave-robbing ghûl of Western Asia, Kindred society burdens the Ravnos with prejudices of foulness, uncleanliness, and wickedness. With reputations like these, the Ravnos are considered outsiders even among those Kindred who do not ally themselves with Sects. Many young Ravnos tend toward nomadic unlives, moving from one domain to the next or hiding on the fringes of established territories where they can escape if local Kindred sentiment turns against them. This exacerbates their reputations as transients, gypsies, and vagrant scourges, but Ravnos vampires adapt well, thriving in their marginalized role. In fact, many choose to make themselves into the ravening terrors that other Kindred believe them to be.

Samedi (Limited: 1 Max)

Quote: "Make fun of me one more time and I'll hug you, you prissy bitch."

If the Nosferatu are repulsive and the Harbingers of Skulls are hideous, a word hasn't yet been invented to describe the Samedi. Resembling nothing so much as walking, rotting corpses, these odd vampires take their name and their origin from the Caribbean and the religion of vodoun (popularly known as voodoo). Baron Samedi, in legend, was a loa of death and ancestor worship. The vampires that bear his name and visage (for Samedi is often portrayed as a corpse, albeit not one so disgusting as the Stiffs) also often share his rude, blunt demeanor. In fact, a vampire going by the name of "Baron Samedi" seems to be the founder, or at least the oldest extant member, of the bloodline.

Ishtarri (Limited slots to 1 in play at any time)

Quote: "I find all aspects of the mortal world to be alluring, and I crave to taste everything again and again and again..."

Whether or not these Laibon descended from the Babylonian goddess Ishtar is nearly impossible to prove, though they claim her name. Like her, they have cheated the land of death and escaped its clutches more than once, and they offer up others to take their place.

Independent Ghouls

Quote: "You know just as well as I do that you can't do everything yourself - or have you forgotten that you're exclusively nocturnal? Trust me, I'm reliable help, and my price isn't hard to pay at all."

An Independent's road is a hard one. Kindred view these masterless ghouls as dangerous and uncontrollable - and a vampire very much resents what he doesn't control. Usually, the only recourse is to trap and kill vampires in order to gain their blood. And sure, you can always rationalize it to yourself - vampire are unnatural, blood-drinking parasites, afterall - but the fact remains that now you kill for your fix. But hey, it's not like you're the first addict to do so, right? And it isn't like you're killing people...

Dhampir (May only be a secondary character) (Limited: 2 max] (1 slot taken)

Quote: "Who are you? WHAT are you? Leave me ALONE! [CRASH!]

A Dhampir is a thing the Cainites believed could never happen: the offspring of a mortal and a vampire. Camarilla and Sabbat, elder and neonate, they all knew that their true blood ties came by adoption, through the Embrace. They knew that life never comes from the undead. Vampires have childer, not children.

[Sabbat] (Possible clans for defectors to the Tower and similar concepts.)


Quote: "Why on earth would you think I wanted you to stop screaming? I find the results so much more melodious when you indulge your fear."

A blood moon casts a crimson light over the land beyond the forest and something fearsome howls its agony into the night. The Tzimisce call these lands their ancestral home. Since time out of mind the Fiends have been masters and lords of the domains of much of Eastern Europe. But theirs is a proud, selfish Clan for which tradition goes only so far despite their aristocratic origins. In fact, the Clan claims to have destroyed its Antediluvian, and in the wake of that momentous event, helped establish the foundations of the Sabbat.

Kiasyd (Only 1 in play) (Slot filled)

Quote: "I didn't invite you in. Leave. Touch nothing except the floor and the doorknob, or I swear on the moon and the stars I will have you on the other side of that mirror by morning."

The Kiasyd are, as a rule, calm and studious. They prefer to remain ensconced within their havens, poring over ancient texts, maps, artifacts, and other bits of antiquity. Other Kindred, it seems, can't understand how a lineage of vampires that is so very strange could be nothing more than scholars. To hear the rumor-mill tell it, the Kiasyd can feed only on the blood of infants, or faeries, or unspoiled virgins. Their otherworldly heritage comes not from the Good Folk, but from demons and the forces of Hell. Their odd appearance isn't because of mutation in their vitae, but a God-given warning: These are not Kindred. They are other.

City Gangrel

Quote: "The new community center is finally open. Call up the pack."

The Sabbat boasts two Gangrel lines, the City and the Country Gangrel. The City Gangrel remind some Kindred of coyotes -- they are creatures well-suited for wilderness life, but they adapt to an urban existence quite smoothly. The high preponderance of prey in the cities, coupled with the Gangrel's inherent mutability of blood, has allowed the line to flourish. Their association with the Sabbat means that they Embrace prolifically, but also that their unlife expectancy is short.

Nosferatu Antitribu

Quote: "There's always a scarier beastie. Look: You're scarier than Dahmer or Gacy. I'm scarier than you. And... well. There are things scarier than me. Let's leave it at that."

The Nosferatu of the Sabbat aren't too different from their Camarilla brethren. Both branches of the Clan tend toward subterranean havens, and both branches use their considerable skill in stealth and control of vermin to traffic in information. Just as the more beautiful Kindred of the Camarilla must occasionally get their feet dirty going to see a Nosferatu information broker, the Cainites call upon their deformed comrades for secrets and tactics.


Not Approved Clans


Gangrel - Anda
Children of Osiris
Old Clan Tzimisce
Salubri - Healers
Salubri - Wu Zao


Assaamite Antitribu (Unconquered)
Blood Brothers
Brujah Antitribu
Gangrel Antitribu (Country)
Harbingers of Skulls
Malkavian Antitribu
Ravnos Antitribu
Salubri - Warriors
Serpents of the Light
Toreador Antitribu
Tremere Antitribu
Ventrue Antitribu

[Revenant Families]


[Kindred of the Ebony Kingdom]

Followers of Set
Xi Dundu

[Kindred of the East]

Resplendent Crane
Bone Flower
Thousand Whispers
Thrashing Dragon




Out of Clan Disciplines Potence, Celerity, Fortitude, Presence, Auspex, Obfuscate, Animalism, Dominate, Presence. (You may have up to 2 of these with a good background explanation.)
ALL combo disciplines
Willpower 8 or higher

Not Approved

Clan specific disciplines learned out of clan. (Anything not listed under "Out of Clan Restricted" must make use of the Merit: Additional Discipline and have a good write up explaining why.)
No powers, clans, concepts or such from Dirty Secrets of the Black Hand will be approved.


==== MERITS & FLAWS ====


Iron Will
Precocious (This merit is only good for a single ability)
Additional Discipline
Nine Lives
14th Generation (May only be taken by Secondary characters)
15th Generation (May only be taken by Secondary characters)
Disease Carrier

Not Approved

True Faith
Blood Hunted (4pt or 6pt)
Red List




Alternate Identity 3 or higher
Domain of 3 or higher
Fame of 3 or higher
Any specific Influence 3 or higher
Mentor 3 or higher
Resource of 4
Status may be purchased from 1-5 but must follow the status guidelines found in House Rules: Vampires and Status and House Rules: The Status Game

Not Approved

Black Hand Membership
Resoruce 5


Here at RumbleStreet, we have two types of PCs. This will help you understand the differences between the two.

While we recommend you start with a secondary character, it is not mandatory. But remember, Primaries will require more details, a solid backstory, and the first draft of a character sheet before social approval will be granted. Creating a secondary character first will often get you socially approved quicker. It also lets you save the special bonuses of a primary for when you know more about the setting and really want to try something more special.








Merits / Flaws:

Allies, Contacts, Equip:

XP Gains:

Character Slots:

Fully Fleshed out. Fits concept.

First draft required for Social

+100 Freebies (115 / 121 Total)

Max 12 Each

Named, detailed, and explained

3 XP /month

Max 2

Short Bio. Makes sense.

First draft due 1 week after Social

+25 Freebies (50 / 56 Total)

Max 7 each

Named, detailed, and explained

5 XP /month

Max 4


8th gen or higher



8th gen or higher

Max 100 years since embrace

No more than Ancilla in rep/status


Max Rank: Third


Max Rank: First

Fetish/Trinket max level 2


Approved and Restricted List

Max Arete 6



Standard Traditions/Orphans

Max Arete 3

Talismans max lv 3

Familiars max level 2

Fae On Hold

On Hold


No more than 1 path/numina at 5

No more than 3 paths/numina total

No path of enchantment, Synergy, or

Psychic Manifestation at creation

Wraith On Hold On Hold



Why do Primaries get so many points?

Primaries are intended to create a concept you've always wanted to try but would take forever to earn the xp for. Or, to recreate a beloved previously played character as faithfully as possible. The extra points represent you have seen and done a lot, and have something to show for it. You do not need to use every freebie point if you feel it is too much.


Why play Secondaries at all?

Secondaries still get more freebies than a by-the-book starting character, and are by no means helpless. These are characters with a lot of potential for growth, and as such they do gain XP at a higher rate. You will find them very rewarding as they grow with the story of the channel. Again, if you feel there are too many points, you don't need to use them all.