What is Rumble Street?

Rumble Street is an IRC based Roleplaying community. This game is effectively an old (classic) World of Darkness multi-venue story, with similarities to the Supernatural groups in the Harry Dresden book series. This means you will find Vampires, Mages, Werewolves the Fae folk and other weirdness. You can find more setting information on the website as well as the forums, and of course you can always ask online via IRC or on the forums.

Until further notice, Garou of the Nation are not a playable character option due to current major plot. Only Fera and Ronin will be accepted as Shifter characters.


Garou of the Nation have declared the supernaturals of NOLA to be corrupted by the Wyrm and purification by destruction is required. As such, any Garou who sides with NOLA may not be part of the Nation. Once in play, Garou and Fera are welcome to join the Ahadi and as such will be recognized by the spirits and will be able to advance.

Creation restrictions on Fera have been loosened some, however Fera not typically found in North America and even Ronin Garou still require a solid backstory. Story will always been important to us here at Rumble Street.

When will the ban be lifted on Nation Garou? That depends entirely on the direction characters and plot takes us. Rumble street is a living world and choices matter.