What is Rumble Street?

Rumble Street is an IRC based Roleplaying community. This game is effectively an old (classic) World of Darkness multi-venue story, with similarities to the Supernatural groups in the Harry Dresden book series. This means you will find Vampires, Mages, Werewolves the Fae folk and other weirdness. You can find more setting information on the website as well as the forums, and of course you can always ask online via IRC or on the forums.

Since the raising of the Caern the Speakeasy has undergone some major changes. Have you noticed?


With the loss of Typpid the whole of the speakeasy has shrunk in square footage and is now 60% of its original size. All Faction havens are now 50% of their original size, with the exception of the Unseelie Fae haven which is now non-existent. The Library, Arena, and Typpid's office have also disappeared. The Main Speakeasy's cellar is 30% of it's original size, and there are four less public suites available for people to use.

Also, the main kitchen has been violently remolded though the mortal haven's kitchen is serving as a temporary replacement. Food selection may be limited for the next foreseeable future.

 As for tea House, you wil find it continues to run as per usual. The only difference is that there is no longer an old woman behind the counter. Instead one of her young helpers is seen taking over the work of accepting payments and taking orders."