What is Rumble Street?

Rumble Street is an IRC based Roleplaying community. This game is effectively an old (classic) World of Darkness multi-venue story, with similarities to the Supernatural groups in the Harry Dresden book series. This means you will find Vampires, Mages, Werewolves the Fae folk and other weirdness. You can find more setting information on the website as well as the forums, and of course you can always ask online via IRC or on the forums.

The Garou army was defeated in Nov 2016, but is this truly the end?

The Garou of the Nation have declared the entire city of NOLA as tainted by the Wyrm and in need of cleansing by wiping out everyone and every thing. Any shifter who refuses to join their extremist crusade is labelled as corrupt with the rest of them. Numerous sorties have been sent by Garou against the various factions of the Accord. Kinfolk and fera, kinain and seelie, ghouls and kindred, and even gifted mortals who know nothing of garou or the Accords have all be targeted.

 ((This story line has ended. See here for details.))