New Orleans has become a refuge for fera and garou alike. In the spirit of Kisasi's Ahadi in Africa, the shifters of NOLA have banded together to ward off the tyranny of the Garou Nation who labeled the city as a whole to be tainted by corruption and tried to purge the city by killing all who reside there.  Under the guidance of the Mokole Daniel Johnson, a caern was erected and the NOLA Ahadi was formed. Not just for those Gaia has chosen for duty, but for all supernaturals who agree to reside in peace and protect the city from supernatural threats.









Kganmadi/Pack: Vanguard [DISOLVED]
Alpha: Gabriel
Theurge: Brynja
Member Aiyana
Member Fenrir








Shifter News

Shifter Meeting Notes
I have returned and read the meeting notes so I am up to date. I had shared previously info that is here so I am aware of what is going...
Death Tue-17-Oct

Morning Training
Eddum StPaul Sat-14-Oct

Shifter Meeting!
Valeriya will let Randi know that she will be there with gift of smoothie.

OOC: Sat should be fine, though I can't really be reliable until about 7pm pacific...
Katerynka Tue-3-Oct

Kegarri's Tilau Rank Challenge
It was not the King of Cats who appeared first, but the Rat King who did. His appearance was marked by his rather unique aroma and as it wafted over...
Jose Fri-4-Aug

The Passing of Leadership
A mockingbird spirit arrives and chirps a bit and then repeats as bidden.

"Eh, I guess he's ok. Still a wet diaper who doesn't know how to solve...
Jose Sat-24-Jun