Here at RumbleStreet, we have two types of PCs. This will help you understand the differences between the two.

While we recommend you start with a secondary character, it is not mandatory. But remember, Primaries will require more details, a solid backstory, and the first draft of a character sheet before social approval will be granted. Creating a secondary character first will often get you socially approved quicker. It also lets you save the special bonuses of a primary for when you know more about the setting and really want to try something more special.








Merits / Flaws:

Allies, Contacts, Equip:

XP Gains:

Character Slots:

Fully Fleshed out. Fits concept.

First draft required for Social

+100 Freebies (115 / 121 Total)

Max 12 Each

Named, detailed, and explained

3 XP /month

Max 2

Short Bio. Makes sense.

First draft due 1 week after Social

+25 Freebies (50 / 56 Total)

Max 7 each

Named, detailed, and explained

5 XP /month

Max 4


8th gen or higher



8th gen or higher

Max 100 years since embrace

No more than Ancilla in rep/status


Max Rank: Third


Max Rank: First

Fetish/Trinket max level 2


Approved and Restricted List

Max Arete 6



Standard Traditions/Orphans

Max Arete 3

Talismans max lv 3

Familiars max level 2

Fae On Hold

On Hold


No more than 1 path/numina at 5

No more than 3 paths/numina total

No path of enchantment, Synergy, or

Psychic Manifestation at creation

Wraith On Hold On Hold



Why do Primaries get so many points?

Primaries are intended to create a concept you've always wanted to try but would take forever to earn the xp for. Or, to recreate a beloved previously played character as faithfully as possible. The extra points represent you have seen and done a lot, and have something to show for it. You do not need to use every freebie point if you feel it is too much.


Why play Secondaries at all?

Secondaries still get more freebies than a by-the-book starting character, and are by no means helpless. These are characters with a lot of potential for growth, and as such they do gain XP at a higher rate. You will find them very rewarding as they grow with the story of the channel. Again, if you feel there are too many points, you don't need to use them all.