Title: none
Rank: Tekhmet 
Occupation: Paramedic 
Defining Characteristics: Strict Carnivore, Healer's Heart, Good Natured, Kind


Title: none
Status: Under the Accounting of Ishkode Wolfe
Occupation: Student, Speakeasy Librarian
Defining Characteristics: Minor Youtube Fame

Who am I?

Rank: none 
Status: First Rank Nuwisha
Occupation: Brick Layer
Defining Characteristics: Large for his kind (garou size)

Ji Hyo

Ghoul: Vassal 
Domitor: Lawrence Berry
Occupation: Lawyer
Defining Characteristics: Cold disposition 


Title: none
Status: (Under Accounting) 
Sire: Ujio Tanaka
Occupation: Public Relations Specialist 
Defining Characteristics: Fear of Canines, Extraordinary Social Confidence 


Title: Speakeasy's Head Chef 
Status: Uncommon Commoner 
Occupation: Speakeasy's Head Chef
Defining Characteristics: Changeling Eyes

Who am I?

Title: [Title]
Status: [status]
Occupation: [Occupation]
Defining Characteristics: Unknown

Yi Dae Soon

Title: none 
Status: Initiate Exemptus of the Hermetic Order 
Occupation: Engineering Student 
Defining Characteristics: Well Dressed, Confident