Player:  Shan
   Meta Type:  Vampire
   Clan:  Brujah
   Title:  Primogen
   Age (Apparent):  Mid 20s
   Height:  5' 11.5"
   Weight:  180 lbs
   Hair:  Black
   Eyes:  Dark Brown
   Nationality:  Ojibwa
   Skills:  Warrior Scholar


Passions are what make us alive. Never surrender what you truly believe in.


Status: Acknowledged, Admired, Honourable, Revered (Primogen) 
Occupation: Professor of North American History
Defining Characteristics: Enchanting Voice, Natural Leader, Inoffensive to Animals, Prestigious Sire (Soren Lakir)


Ishkode is almost always found with a warm and friendly smile. His voice holds a smooth quality that draws people's attentions, and brings life to his passions. Though kindred, he always flushes his skin with colour and wamth and can be seen breathing and blinking regularly. Not only does it help others be more comfortable around him, but it helps him blend in to his day job when it's a habit rather than conscious effort.

Upon meeting people he will offer his full name and titles (Ishkode Wolfe, Professor of North American History, Acknoweldged Brujah) but then insist people simply refer to him as "Kode". Overall he's pretty laid back and easy going, until a matter he's passionate about arrises, such as the First Nations people, protection of the land and water, or equal rights.


"A magnificently brilliant mind and a zest for life. If only more of the living would follow his fine example." - Jacob
"The most wonderful, caring, man I've ever met, but of course I've never been on his bad side." - Kaelyn