Title: Toreador Primogen
Status: Acknowledged, Revered (Primogen) 
Occupation: Dressmaker 
Defining Characteristics: Twitchy coffee addict


Title: Seneschal, Tremere Primogen
Status: Acknowledged, Revered (Primogen), Cherished (Seneshal), Esteemed (Seneshal), Admired, Honourable
Occupation: Clinic doctor
Defining Characteristics: White hair and grey eyes that hint to his family lineage. (Hermetic Mage Family Line)


Title: none
Status: Acknowledged, Influential, Respected 
Occupation: Investments Broker 
Defining Characteristics: Haughty


Title: none 
Status: Acknowledged, Feared, Respected
Occupation: Financier 
Defining Characteristics: Well controlled behavior, slight Croatian accent, extreme politeness


Title: Brujah Primogen
Status: Acknowledged, Admired, Honourable, Revered (Primogen)
Occupation: Professor of North American History 
Defining Characteristics: Enchanting Voice, Natural Leader, Inoffensive to Animals, Prestigious Sire (Soren Lakir)


Ghoul: Vassal 
Domitor: Silas
Occupation: Archeologist/Anthropologist for New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum
Defining Characteristics: Polite, unassuming, awkward, fascination with anciet languages and texts, curious, and a bookworm

Who am I?

Title: [Title]
Status: +Honourable 
Occupation: Unknown 
Defining Characteristics: Unknown


Title: Keeper of Elysium 
Status: Acknowledged, Honoured x2 (1 from Keeper), Cherished, + Others (?)
Occupation: Shepherd of Ghouls 
Defining Characteristics: Unknown

Who am I?

Ghoul: Vassal 
Domitor: Ujio Tanaka
Occupation: [job]
Defining Characteristics: [none] 


Title: Probationary Sect Member till Nov 21, 2017
Status: Recognized
Occupation: Wandering Lorekeeper 
Defining Characteristics: Purebreed 2: Get of Fenris