What is Rumble Street?

Rumble Street is an IRC based Roleplaying community. This game is effectively an old (classic) World of Darkness multi-venue story, with similarities to the Supernatural groups in the Harry Dresden book series. This means you will find Vampires, Mages, Werewolves the Fae folk and other weirdness. You can find more setting information on the website as well as the forums, and of course you can always ask online via IRC or on the forums.

Every good story needs action, intrigue and a little mystery. Add a blush of romance to make you smile, and dark horror to make your heart race, and you start to weave a story of epic proportion. Rumble Street combines all these things and more in a rich tapestry of unique characters.

It will take creativity and cunning to reveal insidious plots set against you and your friends. Trust your instincts and intuition to learn who can be trusted and who is working for your enemies. And when you are ready to make your move against the truly terrifying monstrosities lurking in the darkness, it will take the bravest of your warriors to bring them down. Will you be among the heroes whose praises are sung for generations? Or will you strike from the shadows doing the unpleasant deeds necessary for victory only to live on in infamy?

Add your story and be a part of this living world where nothing is as it seems.